Who works at Paragon Supply Company in Elyria Ohio?

Terry Wall Owner & President
After college, Terry worked in a screw machine shop as a tool crib attendant, running machines in a secondary department in addition to working in the tool making and grinding department. He then moved to a CNC shop and was involved in all aspects of the operation…. from purchasing and engineering to production control as well as quality control.

In 1991, Terry partnered with his father, Norm, and started Paragon Supply Company. In the beginning the company was a supplier of Brown and Sharpe repair parts but now represents over 400 tool and industrial supply manufacturers. Terry’s extensive background in machinery and manufacturing aids in improvements which allow for greater flexibility in meeting customers' needs. His experience also helps him work closely with vendor reps and engineers so Paragon can provide customers with increased productivity and cost savings.

Paragon Supply bases its business on technical expertise and providing supreme customer service. Professionals working on our customers’ behalf. 

Marie | Office Manager | Customer Service Marie Wall Office Manager
After many years at Paragon, Marie is stepping down from her duties as the Office Manager to focus on her health and well-being. Although, she will not be in the office daily; she promises to stop in occasionally to check on us. We will continue to offer outstanding customer service in her absence and make any transition easy for all Paragon customers. 
Josh Outside Sales Josh Wall Outside Sales 
Josh Wall has 20 years of experience in industrial tools. Starting his career with Paragon Supply as the Warehouse Manager, then moving to inside sales and is currently the outside sales person working on business development. He works hard to give an outstanding customer experience. Be assured he understands the products that will best work for you.
Insight into Josh
- Favorite memory: “Playing catch in the warehouse with a football.”
- If he could give a million dollars to any charity it would be: his church or the Salvation Army.
Josh is a lifelong NE Ohio resident.
Super Power he wants: The ability to fly, “So I can get places faster.”
- Relationship to Terry: Nephew.
- What he’d like to hear Terry say: “You can go home early".
Clearly, Josh has a sense of humor.
Craig Hignett Retired
Craig Hignett, retired in Nov. 2020 from Paragon after over 20 years with the company. 
Michelle, accounting payable & receivable Paragon Supply CompanyMichelle Donnelly Accounting
Michelle Donnely has been with PSC for over 2 years. She joined the team as the Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable person. She has worked for many years in various office capacities and loves the versatility as well as the customer aspects the office environment offers. 
Insight into Michelle
- She's pretty sure she was a private investigator in another life.
- The best piece of advice she was ever given was, "think before you speak." 
- If Michelle was a superhero, she'd want her superpower to be super-intelligence, so she could help discover cures for diseases like cancer. 
- When she was 5, Michelle was pretty sure she'd grow up to own her own construction company.       - If Michelle were going to give advise to a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars; she'd tell them to be prepared to "work hard & laugh harder."              Michelle keeps us on our toes.
Korey Deidrick Inside/Outside Sales
kdeidrick@paragon-supply.com Korey Deidrick has been with Paragon for over 5 years and  brings with him a background in sales and marketing. He works with his customers however they feel most comfortable; e-mail, phone or face-to-face. Korey admits he doesn't know everything but his customers know he'll find the answer.  
Insight into Korey
- If he could max out a credit card it would be at Fin Feather Fur (that’s an outdoor store here in Ohio).
- He would like to hike among the wildlife on the Galapagos Islands.
- Korey would also like to have the power to fly so he could travel faster.
- If he could go back in time; he’d like to be 27 again, “...the peak of my athletic ability."
- If he had it, Korey would give a million dollars to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
Korey is Terry’s nephew by marriage.